e-bit hintf webzine review ( englisch )


'Fact Life'

Edited only a half-dozen days ago, on the 12th of this year, 'Fact Life' appears as the 2nd record of the electronic music project chillout / clubmusic by the German composer Siegmar Misher, better known as E-Bit.
Headquartered in cosmopolitan Berlin, this project born in 2003 has had a healthy evolution in the spectrum of electronic dance music, with the reinforcement of the vocalist Anika Tornow and doing the dance of the dancefloors of the genre and the participation with other sounding names of the same line Musical
'Fact Life' is a 50-minute long feature that features 12 harmonious tracks and sounding from the late 90s when bands such as Belgians Vive La Fête or the more contemporary Ladytron appeared. Having everything in its base to be a reference record to open the year 2017, it is nevertheless warm in its general tone, lacking a bit of adrenaline in the rhythmic composition that drives the tracks to a level more danceful and not only environmental, As it ends up becoming.
It is true that Anika's vocalization overlaps with the brilliance offered by the samplers used and extracted from the creative mind of Siegmar and the wise use of its synthesizers, effects that dissipate a little before the long time that the tracks end up having. Perhaps shorter would make the themes more appealing and the target of more elaborate remixes.
Highlight however for the 'Cut Off' theme, the most dynamic and psychedelic of this pleasant E-Bit disc.

By: Paula Antunes
Score: 6.8 / 10