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Interview: e-bit
By: Miguel B. Ribeiro


-Who are E-bit? How does it all started?

e-bit is an electronic music project, based in Berlin, which was founded in 2003 by the songwriter Siegmar Mischer.
Since 2013, e-bit got its own voice, contributed by Anika Tornow. From this time forward Anika and Siegmar are as a duo on the road and they developed a new style in the genres chill out , dance music, club music and synthpop .

-E-bit why that name? What does it means?

The band's name is due to an electronic "binary digit " and also represents the electronic state and the positive logic, that takes place within the music .

-Synthpop, ElectroPop, Clubmusic, Chillout, can explain it better?

You need a category for the kind of music you want to present all around the world, but in fact we´re producing all kind of music with guitars, electronic components and a great soul voice. Certainly we feel like to compose rock songs like “PALM TREES” or something like “CUT OFF” – the soundtrack of a berlin horror movie production and its latest publication: “The return of Gustav Gulasch”.

-What influences your music and lyrics?

There´s no better influence than life and the persons around you. Every song is a part of our lives.

-Please tell us more about you latest album “fact life”…

Live is what happens while you are eager to make other plans. We both are emotional persons, have great feelings and are thinking about so much facts of life like love, happiness, luck, unhappiness, bad relationships, politics, desire, delight. This all is the result, you can hear now on “FACT LIFE”.

-A special concept in this album?

Our concept was and always will be to open the depth of our hearts and souls.

-Germany berlin, how it is the music scene there?

In Berlin the music scene is extremely mixed and always experimental. It´s not unusual to meet a “Pop enthusiastic” in a metal bar or something else. The people are very open minded for everything and any styles. We love being surprised by the music style, when we go out to take some drinks. It´s always inspiring.

-You guys have a good relation with Style Beat Recordings?

HEHE yes, we do have a good relation to Style Beat Recordings, it´s a little recording studio in Berlin.

-What are you plans for the future? And also your biggest dreams…

We are addicted to the music and the plan is always to be in a good relationship with it. That means, that you always have to reflect, work concentrated on the things and never let off. 
Our biggest dream would be that people feel connected with us, to identify with our musical language, to run free in happy or sad situations in their lives with our songs. This type of recognition would probably be the biggest dream of every musician.

-Do you guys know anything about Portugal?

Siegmar: In the past I was in a little town, 400 km far from Lisbon. My first thought was: “Hey, so much palm trees and orange/ olive trees” I saw a great number of stork nests. I really loved it and the people were very pleasant.

Anika: I`ve never been there, but everybody who has been there, raved about the countryside, the Atlantic and the warm hospitality. I like the healthy complexion of the native and I´d really like to visit Portugal someday.

-A final message to your fans and to hintf readers…

A big big thank you to all of you, your faith, trust and all the love you shared with us. You always are in our hearts and we are very thankful for all your support. Special thanks to Hintf for the pleasant contact. We wish all of you the best. Believe in yourself and all your dreams will come true.


Thanks for your time.