e-bit Biography ( englisch )

e-bit Biography ( englisch )


e-bit is an electronic music project based in Berlin which was founded in 2003 by the songwriter Siegmar Mischer.
Since 2013, e-bit got it´s own voice, contributed by Anika Tornow. From this time forward Anika and Siegmar are as a duo on the road and they developed a new style in the genres chill out , dance music, club music and synthpop . 

band name

The band's name is due to an electronic "binary digit " and also represents the electronic state and the positive logic, that takes place within the music .



In the first years Siegmar went alone artistic ways and created a completely new and own style.
In 2011 he met Anika at a concert in Berlin. The two exchanged views on their passion for music and started making music increasingly in different Berlin Studios, where they gave space for their ideas and the musical compatibility was defined and the decision to develop joint projects grew.
Shortly afterwards they equiped their own studio. In the course of their harmonious cooperation which brought to light a great number of songs, Anika´s canto established more and more and she became inherent part of the project.
In 2013 e-bit played the first live concert as a duo in a bar in Berlin. It was followed by other performances in small restaurants, bars, clubs and festivals. The duo released three albums during their joint work.
The recently released album FACT LIFE was partly recorded in cooperation with the guitarist Mucky Ramone and contains many fresh elements. Mucky Ramone also accompanied one live concert in Berlin at K17.
The exceptional combination of strong beats , harmonic synthesizer , soulful vocals and dramatic guitar let the overall concept blend perfectly.

Currently e-bit is in collaboration with many interesting artists, musicians and focused on new challenges.




Home Berlin, Deutschland

Genre Synthpop, Chillout, Clubmusic

Since 2003

Website www.e-bit.org

Composer Siegmar Mischer

Synthesizers Siegmar Mischer

Vocals Anika Tornow (since 2013)







Dance Until Heart Attack

EP Dance Until Heart Attack


e-bit Soundtrack cut off Fluch des Gulaschs

Soundtrack of the Movie "Fluch des Gulaschs"





e-bit Nightcrawling Remixes

EP Nightcrawling Remixes


e-bit Hoppe Reiter LP

LP Hoppe Reiter